Micro posts

So I made this just for Microposts. Shit I say that I want to shout out into the void. I don't plan to share this blog.

So my game in the brain blog is for rewritten pieces that I've thought through and this is for unfiltered and stupid posts.

But one over arching theme in my mindset is gamer or trader mindset. Also known as the Fox mindset - a distractable mind that looks at things with a bit of attention and less thought.

Unlike a Micropost in social media this keeps my posts in one simple thread. All the shit I've said can be saved.

I used to write like this in my initial blog gamerpig but then I broke it up into gaming with game and the brain and private thoughts in gamerpig as it became private.

Here it's public and stupid. I have a place to be stupid in private and in public, and a blog to attempt to sound smart once in a while lolz.