Gamer view of aging (guessing and observing my grandfather and dad) :
By  30s one will know practically all the minor quircks our bodies have and the minimizing and mitigating strategies.  Work and the sedentary or family raising lifestyle would have taken a huge toll on our bodies.
By 40 we have a hang of the complexity as to be able pursue some serious strategies to mitigate age and previous abuse I'm expecting. Also by 40 abuses we ignored in our 30s when we already got some clue to it already will manifest worse.
At 50 we reap the costs and the benefits of these strategies with a new level of difficulty maintaining health. Unless we have been managing these weaknesses since a decade ago diligently they get worse enough to have loved ones worry.
At 60 the stakes get higher and the costs don't increase as much as last decade but unless we have strong fitness routines and diet in place. The ability loss aka the aging penalties were not as bad as from 30-50 If we learned from the mistakes and have the new habits.

I think if it takes 2 hour to keep fit at 20s per week it and doubles every 10 years for maintenance  and doubles again to be half decade better. All the while the time to recover increases 50% compounding every decade.
Its possible for a drastic turn around in a year to adopt new habits but it takes a year for the habits to be conditioned and fully accepted. There will always be a lot of waste in time and money getting to the ideal. This is a hard fiscal decision with all the conflicts and a lot of Penalties knowing what is best.

I now have a back injury I'm going to live with. Not as bad as my friends but bad enough to change my strategy and tactics.
There are a lot of Abilities and appearance Characteristics I have to say good bye to and accept.