Lessons of a Failed Zenfone 2 4GB DIY battery Replacement

Zenfone 2 4GB RAM
Failed Battery Replacement. (its not the problem of the tutorial, but the risks involved).

Some Background.
Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I came from a Samsung Note 2 at Feb 2012, the first gen. I spent about 30,000php or 600usd for it under the Globe Plan, payable for 2 years with about 5,000 (100usd) up front. While it was an OK phone it was plagued with some problems:


  1. Carrier Locked
  2. REALLY SLOW and unresponsive 1 year into the phone. 
  3. Expensive AF (for a country which has 200usd/mo minimum wage)
  4. Single SIM. I had to carry the Note 10.1 as my second SIM or an old company phone s amsung galaxy GT
  1. I loved the Pen feature and loved it a lot. It got me to sneak in some doodles and got me to buy the Note 10.1 (2012) cash at 28,000php (35,000 by credit). around 600usd.  
  2. I learned to Root and to Flash with it. At great risk since I had no back up phone when it went to shit.  
Zenfone 2 4GB. I only got a new phone on 2015 around july. This was the Zenfone 2 4GB while it was kinda awesome it had issues that caused it to be a short lived phone. This was 14,500php or 290php. It was 2x more powerful than my Note 2. 
Later in 2016 Intel discontinued their smart phone processor line orphaning the phone. the zenfone 2 Marshmallo update came in around October but I could only install it around mid November. It also caused Asus to get screwed over when Pokemon go got big.  

  1. Battery and Overheating. after one year it had an "life" of 4-6 hours on Powersaving mode. 
  2. Bulky. Because of the battery issues I had to bring a powerbank constantly. 
  1. Dual SIM! (work sim and personal sim; both have unlimited call to their networks). 
  2. Very Responsive (until I tried to replace the battery). its because of the ram manager and 64GB meory with the 30gb sd card
  3. Powerful, I can go crazy with the camera because of the memory and performance. 
Zenfone Max. On July 2016, 1 year after the Zenfone 2 purchase i got the zenfone max. It had 5000mha battery and i was worried about what will happen to my zenfone 2 if anything happened to it. 

  1. Lower RAM and Storage as compared to the Zenfone 2 4GB. I cannot do the powerful Camera stuff like photo sphere and hi def pictures because of that performance. Less HD pictures (at 480 and 720)
  2. Heavier and Bigger (not really an issue; unless I drop it without a rubber phone protection). 
  3. Terrible Reception. Calls were garbled and choppy. Can't seem to research it, but Nick who has the same phone doesnt seem to have that problem. 
  1. Lasts the Whole day in Regular Power setting with Mobile Cellular Network on. 
  2. Pretty much like the Zenfone 2 4GB but weaker. 

Failed Battery Change
While the NEW battery is GREAT, the phone is flickering to a frequency that gives me a head ache and interrupts my usage. It interrupts my screen touching preventing me from using the phone. Rending the Phone useless.

Why I tried to change the battery? 
Because I wanted to switch back to the Zenfone 2 because my poweruse of the Zenfone Max  


  1. DUAL SIM!
  2. Responsive Phones depends on their RAM management. Asus has RAM manager unlike Samsung. I dont know if Samsung ever bothered. 
  3. Replaceable Batteries! FUCK permanent batteries. 
  4. 100-250usd phones are sustainable for me. Cheap enough to be replaceable and the technology and i can
  5. That phones unlike Laptops (see this 2009 study on reliability, the only one of its kind sadly) can be guessed at a fail rate of ~15% in a year. That off-brands like Cherry mobile would be 35% in a year. Good brands would have a lower fail rate but the 15% chance in a year bad things happen is not such a bad consideration when one purchases a phone. Thus the budget has to be considered. 
I still plan to have a back up phone. But I plan to get one at 70usd smartphone. as long as its dual sim even if it only has 1GB ram.  In the end I need to be able to learn to work with less and find a way to work with my large use of @Voice read aloud to get through all my reading while I drive and do chores/errands.