I had a dream about spike spiegel and a veteran assassin. It appeared like series of episodes and it seems spike pulled the vet out of retirement. An on going shadow war where they get into and out of territories and how it evolved from simple insurgency to Traps, secret doors and, twisted alliances.
The veteran has been doing what he's been told all his life. Spike was betrayed at some point and after running for a while they get to talking. It was about the interrogation, and how they always sat the other guy is talking. But spike served time and believe he was ratted out.
Spike was suspicious of the vet and the vet seemed to have a lot of regrets. Their last job was killing this woman's high profile husband, she set out so much bounty money they had to kill so many witnesses. They were escaping and found some evidence that one of the people they killed was betraying someone innocent. That there were  no saints.
I guess the dream went on a loop of doubts and other perspectives. Last scene was getting to a home stretch and back to the border only to find they have to kill more people. They both looked tired.