Migrated to Fitbit Blaze

The Fitbit blaze was on sale until the end of the month from 200usd or 10,000php to 8,000php or 20% off from Digital Walker. Digital Walker are the only retailer carrying fitbit and keeps the warranty. I got this instead of the Charge HR 2 which was 8,500php or 240usd. 

The sale is for outgoing product line. The people in DW didnt really push the sale, we kinda stumbled on it. They didnt know the product line so well. When I compare to my experience with Samsung store where the sales were very well trained, samsung store and support center (across greenhills along ortigas ave) has always been a good experience for us since 2012 with both laptop and phones even if the devices has some short comings. 

The difference between the Charge HR 2 vs Blaze is minor. The Charge HR 2 was being sold at $8500, so the older blaze, while a step up, was cheaper than the charge 2. Personally the multimedia perks of the blaze was not a selling point, I know colored interface and larger screen just drained battery. I wanted the minimalist of the Charge HR 2 with a bigger battery lolz. 

So the Cardio Fitness Level and the Guided Breathing was a preference ( and really just a software perk which makes me wonder why can't the blaze have that), but i was helping my son poop and wiping his ass and preventing him from getting shit on places we can't wash (like his clothes) in toilet. I only learned about the features when I was waiting for him to push out some. It took me a while to figure out how to work the fitbit compare website in time to change my mind. Anyway in a more metric approach those are very minor considerations and an older model means more stuff to find about quirks and solutions.  

10,000php. i hate it when they add so many 9s just to appear cheaper then they really are. If your saying your HIGH END, then flaunt it: use ZEROS. 

As a long time fitbit user the rest understandable from my experience with their other stuff. But this new thing has more buttons and features.