Pressure Cooker Pork Whole Belly

  1. Whole Pork Belly is belly up to the ribs and skin. We got about 600g with about 2 rib bones. It temp was cool when I worked on it, probably 20c. I got it for the fat and bones, along with the meat. Skin on top, bones opposite. 
  2. Rub with a lot of preferred spice, i used rock salt. I probably put 2 whole tablespoons. Probably 30g of salt. The skin was so tough and thick I had to cut under it to get to "rub it" since I didnt think the salt would have penetrated the skin. 
  3. So my mistake was I should have fried it in the non-stick pan in Lauric Oil (what we usually have here), I thought its carmelization would prevent it from sticking but it burned. So I should have let it fry for 10-15mins then put it on the bone. 
  4. It needed only 30 mins in the pressure cooker on high. 
  5. Roasted Tomatoes, Onions, and garlic would have been better if I left it in the toaster with oil and seasoning. 
I'm using a Imarflex 5L, the exact same one in the Wikihow page.
Negative Pressure check. It got stuck and spent almost 30mins trying to get it open. Forgot about negative pressure or it did not occur to me. Next time check pressure levels.