Trip Notes and Reflections

Recently i realized that next time I go someplace, like abroad, I would like to do 3 key things.

1) Factory or Workplace Tours. Because how people work and their belief in their work helps give a better idea of their quality  of  life. Not just their working conditions, but if they believe that their work matters. I'm learning to see it and it will teach me to find it having more experiences looking at various places and how they operate. Also i like to see the different operating conditons of various businesses (without having to be employed in it).
2) Meeting with people from Online. (Stranger Danger) I know the basic precautions to take but I would like to meet someone from my online studies and hobbies face to face and having been around their place can see more of what they mean when they describe their world to me.
3) Experiences. This is the harder part of 3 things I want to do. Its also something I have yet to better define, and will continue to redefine as I get to a better idea of it.

My ideas so far what makes an experience is:

  1. Its not always some signature Place, like a tourist trap. Tourist places are places designed for tourists - not for the locals. Its not part of their regular lives and rituals. 
  2. Ideally its part of their annual experience of being who they are. Its better to experience a Traditional Festival and being with a group who really are into their local traditional festivities. 
  3. It doesnt have to be traditional. I wanted to visit the Taiwanese Hema group or their Airsoft group. Stuff I can relate to but they do it differently and some of  it the same as what I'm into.
       The weekly Hema training would have been something that meets a lot  of my ideals - different people from different walks of life doing this unlikely hobby I also want to get into.
       Unfortunately with the wife and kids its not something I can have them with me and check out. So its something like that but I can involve my family. 
  4. It could be a social gathering, like a learners mixers where people mingle. There were various expat get togethers in taiwan to meet people interested in studying online together. Something like that would be nice, but not just limited to Language mixers. 
  5. Their simple pleasures. The Samurai Gourmet, Solitary Gourmet and various other shows of the slice of life genre is kind of the experience I would like in a trip. I'm not sure if it means pretending to live a life of a person living in the area and taking part of their simple pleasures. I want that feeling the show type evokes, but as part of a trip to a place. I'd rather go the shop, service, and experience people go back to because it fits their schedule, lifestly, or budget and not the BEST in town. 
  6. Ideally as many of these experiences as possible in the day, and maybe 1 hour to digest it and write about it after. I would really need to bring the nanny if I plan to bring the kids with us if I try to do this thinking (i cannot multi-task kids and other stuff very well). 
  7. Its kinda like how I live. Life is work, studies, and responsibilities (like heath and family). The pleasures I get is working them into these. I dont get much in vacations, a chance to "catch a show", etc... everything is something that needs to done - and my only power is how it gets done.
     I want to know how other people work their pleasures into their duties, responsibilities, learning, living, etc...  I want to try doing what they do and understand why they do it. 
I guess its a result of my weak constitution (how easily I get sick; I typically lose 20-30 days a year on sick days, now its just about 10-20), terrible Conscientiousness, and my peculiar Neuroticisms that I really feel like I dont have any time anymore. 

I havent touched any of my computer games (Insurgency and ARMA) for as old as my Daughter is (6 months) and I think its going to go longer as I need to stop playing to catch up on all my work and studies. I probably lose 4 hours to shows (all of them about 5-10 mins at x2 speed).

The only way to live is to hack how I spend my time. Apply my min-maxer to me gaining skills, health, relationships, and fulfilling some ideals and goals.