Is the circumstance in China's Women spiraling down?

This article from the New York post on China's Mistress Dispellers and my experience in Hellotalk and examining the dyamics of female relationships in China is quite interesting.

Even when women are a scarcity, this article points out that women are in this downward spiral. China being enforced Homogeneity through Sesame Credits, and Information Suppression (the great firewall) will choose control over liberty. Small problems will crop up, and instead of dealing with it, - which it can't since it depends on the limited bandwith of Central Authority (instead of fractious Autonomy) 

As a gaming life blog I usually look at things as a game. And I noticed the incredible disparity of female english students in china in hellotalk. its like a 10:1 of women to men. Now I notice immediately the difference between men and women studying Chinese. Guys need to be always in a position of power, and showing mistakes and weakness, even in Asian culture, is not OK. A chinese guy making mistakes In a Public Feed is not Ok. Even I find myself doing the same, I rarely post in Chinese, unlike the women who freely post bad english (which i try to correct when I have the time).

to simplify: men don't like showing mistakes and in language learning which requires brain programming and a lot of exercise Women in china have the strange advantage of being allowed to make mistakes. Which creates an interesting disparity: the cost of a woman studying english is cheaper (through this apps and relying on social good will) while a man will best need to pay for tutorial services.

I was even asked by a Chinese man if I would like to teach english paid. the English teacher I talked to had a lot of demands and kept insisting I be reliable when I corresponded with him (which is why after two weeks I decided to break of the study). With the female students I can just practice some chinese and let it go, If they want to follow up its ok, if they moved on its ok. There was no commitment in reciprocation, which Is what I want, because schedule prevents me from commiting to any fixed schedule of Studying with anyone.

It seems in Studying and Education - Women in china have an advantage because they would be the first to reap the advantages of education Online and access to western internet. If women find this a successful strategy then it gives them ALOT of mobility, and if this trends then Gov't is going to step in and create strangely designed laws to curb it. As a filipino I'm always for Mobility - both social and national kind.

I wouldnt be surprised if any Scifi writers pointed out the social adaptability of filipinos to lead them to become interstellar immigrants, always migrating and adopting its settled culture - that their Culture is to Adopt and thrive in the native culture lolz.

Now I need to see if Edx, MITx and all the free courses available in China?