Recovery. Chinese studies.

I've been recovering from getting sick from since early March, a few weeks of lost muscle mass has taken me about 3 months to work back into. I can only work out about 1 hour (but total active time is about 11mins; set up and cool down, plus breaks is what eats up a lot of time; still working on that).

An impediment is the Travelling: Taiwan, SG, and of course work and life which disrupts my routine.

I typically NEED 7+ hours of sleep or else I start getting sick. 8 is sustainable but that leaves so little of the day left for Health, Studies, Work, Family, and Home.

Chinese studies.
Made friends. So I'm helping someone with their English. I dont talk in chinese much 我说话不多。 但是我慢学习认为用汉语。我法语的不好。

80% in Hellotalk are there really to socialize.
10% are really studying.
10% are something else: scammers,

To be fair, I post about western education. Wondering if people's heard about stuff, that is still rarely known even here. TRPGs, Business Operations Science, Gaming, etc... stuff I like posting about in G+ but tailoring it to an Alien audience of China.

Hellotalk should be accessible in the desktop