All the Flaws and Drama.

My family is pretty dysfunctional. More so when I've gone to compare it to many of the healthy families I've encountered. Of course I've encoutered those that are pretty abusive and worse. Still I'm focused right now in how we move forward - given all our flaws and Drama.

The Problem Defined. We have a negative conditioned response to each other. We can love each other but we have a conditioned response to push each other away and get caught up with each others flaws. Its is a side effect or a trade-off with our Manic Strengths. Also we hold pretty good "Images" or "instances" of people we know.

Its a bit of a Tragedy as we define the problem, and I can't post it publicly. I hate not being able to write a problem out and have that "conversation with many different selves across time" . We are all at fault, a victim of our circumstance, and caught in a terrible dilemma.

Like all solutions, its not with GREAT DRAMA and extreme changes that the problem is attacked - but the Guerrilla Tactics of Journalizing and Fighting the Battle with the aid of our Many Selves (the many versions of Us that came to be and left behind their knowledge and perspective).

The Problem is Huge and Terrible, (and it has serious financial implications) and I'm a barely functional idiot who needs 4-5 hours of maintenance everyday to be functional for another 4-6 hours. I'm trying to cut out all the waste in my life, and I've let relationships atrophy.  To have some clarity that I have, I've cut out so much. Now the dilemma is can I help, and at what other help at its expense?