Nostalgia, Ateneo de Naga, and Middle class.

went to southridge, but in a fieldtrip to Bicol where we even played soccer against Ateneo de Naga (and when I learned to hate the SIGAS for keeping me out of the game), 90% of my batch could not eat galungong and ampalaya. I was so delighted and I fucking realized they ate "Middle class" food aka processed food (because my son cannot eat that kind of food).

I remember that game I was caked in mud but stopped all the goals in the other half of the game - because our SIGAS were so over confident they couldnt do their job. I got so pissed i got subed. There was only two guys faster than me in the entire highschool: green recto and noel castro. They called me don quixote but i think i stopped us from being a one sided loss.

I could never look at our coach without thinking he was such an ass from only letting me on in the other half after we had a losing score. I had more camaraderie from the Ateneas who congratulated me because i went out of the game the dirtiest and did my job that no goal was made as a mid defender.
i remember the look of all my friends when they could see how much I hated our team and coach that game.

to think these days my Dad works with southridge soccer for his charity. Its just so weird.

I remember running and time slowing down and being faster than the other guy. I just had to be faster than the other guy.

The two guys who are faster than me - Noel and Green, they never did track and field. But when ever they ran beside me and they were pulling fahead, I felt so Frightened and ALIVE - thinking that my legs can go faster and farther. I learned later to lengthen my stride and the training for sprints because I had a great Track and Field coach.