Clueless gamer guy's guide to having kids.

Pregnancy with doctor visits depending pregnancy complications is one manday a week to a month.
New born child probably eats up 80-120 hours of the mother over the course of 168hours of a week.
That's hours the mother cannot have for have for basic self care.

Breast milk pump and logistics is about 40-80k* initial cost if the mother is going to work. (unless you can get a used machine from family or friends). Impact with career and prospects.

Nanny and Maid evaluations is really hard unless you have the operations framework and systemetize the house hold maintenance ops. It's also really expensive with placement fees being 4-12k in makati.

As well as half days of lost work for interviews. Then there are many shady placement agencies and studying the Kasambahay Law (I have copies and a sample. Contract) . Then the reorganization of the house and security for the new adult to join the household.

For the dad what ever his after work and self care hours were prior to the baby must prepare to manage 20-40 hours until routines are established.

Health of the child and complications are factors that increase these costs. Access ther parents or sibs resources in maids and logistics also have a strong factor.

All in all get your after work hours and calculate from there your time. Make sure no "home work" is taken.
Talk to spouse about how time is spent and be prepared to cut back hobbies and catharsis. If having problems with that - highly recommend applying your gamer strategy mindset in this.
//learning from experience obvious I failed in most of this lolz. But if a gamer would ask me the tactics and strategy framework of planning having a kid I could probably break down all my mistakes into a Project Management planning format. BASICALLY A GANTT with the birth as a fixed task aka an event.

* prices is in Philippine Pesos, 53php to 1usd