Playing Games Together:

I guess being a parent and being a gamer means playing with your kid even if they cannot understand your planning and strategy when gaming.

There is this thing with being a gamer and having a plan and strategy. When it's other gamers we are to each and own tastes.

But when it's your kid I learned it's not like that. That is as far as I can get. There is this tendency to simplify it as to just playing your kids support, but they don't learn if you play purely support.

Its more complicated than letting them win or giving them all the gear. It's so complicated I can only fathom the time and patience part. The thing I need to see I the game with him is growth.

Lately I learned:

Q:"What if they Don't like it"
A:"Then fuck em"
======= lets be more constructive

Q:"Why dont people like them?"
A:<Inquire.., Apply 5Y, or 5W+H.>

When my kid and myself have conflict, drill down to what is it.

That Playing together Identifies Teamwork Issues more Clearly (and highlights how helpful and thoughtful my kid is) in a very flexible and forgiving environment.