My ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M2 6GB RAM

I upgraded my Phone (of late 2017 Samsung J7 Prime 2016 model) into the ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M2 6GB RAM. This was an interesting experience because I finally got back to my prefered OS which is ASUS. 

Why did I upgrade

  1. In around 6-7am when I do my chinese exercises by the 4th hour the phone is at 50%.but at hour 6 its drops at 20-15% which is basically at 0.  thats about 12% per hour. 
    1. Usually the first hour of unplugging it I'm at 85%
    2. When I leave my phone idle for an hour it loses about >10% 
    3. I have to bring a Powerbank a lot. 
    4. at 20-15% the Phone starts blinking and is effectively at 1-5%
  2. I suspect that there is chinese malware in it. 
  3. I'm worried the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 will be out of stock eventually and I'll need to wait for the next cycle which is at November. Thats about 9 months from now. 
  4. I need it as a backup phone. I have no back up phone which I can reformat every time I go to a country. 
    1. i can try to get my old phone battery replaced. (5% in the next 3 months) Googling just now I can't find any such service. 

Asus as Compared to Samsung

  1. ASUS is near stock android. Not as much Bloatware as SAMSUNG In the folder where asus Apps are there are 3: calculator, sound recorder and Radio. 
  2. Better Background App Controls. Back in the older versions of Asus there was some apps to prevent background apps from activating. There was no such options in Samsung. 
  3. Some Better Apps. The only app Asus could not do better in was the Gallery... but that was easy to overcome. I dont want to go into the private nature of the apps I use in Asus i prefer.  

2012 March 30 Note 2 2GB Ram for 30,000php (600usd)
Time period between March 30, 2012 and May 30, 2015 (exclusive) equals to:
  • 1156 days
  • ... or 165 weeks & 1 days
  • ... or 3 years & 2 months

2015 May 30 Zenfone 2 4GB Ram for 14,000php (300usd)
Time period between May 31, 2015 and June 30, 2016 (exclusive) equals to:
  • 396 days
  • ... or 56 weeks & 4 days
  • ... or 1 year & 1 month
2016 July Zenfone Max 2GB RAM which I had to retire because it couldnt keep up with the usage. It was too low end and the line keep droping. My wife complained and asked me to get a new phone. at 15,000php (300usd) all I could afford was a Samsung J7 Prime.

Time period between January 13, 2017 and March 31, 2019 (exclusive) equals to:
  • 807 days
  • ... or 115 weeks & 2 days
  • ... or 2 years, 2 months & 18 days
2017 Jan 13 Samsung J7 Prime which Just yesterday March 30, I replaced. I hope it would last as long. Probably Replaced in 2021 by something  15,000 (300 usd) that is as effective.

Lessons Learned

  1. Do not use Google Voice Assistant, its passive listening is a resource hog. 
  2. TURN off a lot of the Notification and Background
  3. DISABLE and if possible remove FACEBOOK and facebook messenger. Better off just using the Browser version on the phone. the less user friendly, the less usage.