Holy Week: No Maids, just Maintenance

So the Maids took the whole holy week off, from Wednesday night to This morning (Sunday Morning) they were out. So the wife and I had to take care of both kids without their help.

Niko, has my terrible impulse control and thea who is still just two years old, were a handful. The maids were a big help, they basically contributed 100+ hours a week in Housekeeping and the Kids personal care. Of course with my own personal care it was difficult to balance ours and the kids now that 100+ hours a week of help took the holyweek off.

So basically it was Wake up earlier than the Family and do my Chinese Exercises. I was lucky chinese exercises took less than 2 hours per day this holy week. NOrmally it takes 3 hours. I was able to do my exercises and despite being only 10 and 5 minutes respectively - distractions and decompressing makes these x3 to x4 times longer than they should.

Because SO much work was pushed to next week (after holyweek) I was able to not do any work and just focus on the Kids and Care.

Being with the kids was mostly watching them play and feeding them and giving them a bath. Thea liked to play while taking a bath which is more complicated than it sounds like because she can slip and hurt herself. So I had to take swim trunks and basically give her a bath and also taking a bath. Niko joined us in trunks as well.

We didnt eat at home, most of the time we ate out so we didnt have to clean. It was expensive. Averaging about 1000php a meal. An expensive meal running up to 2200 and a cheaper meal 800. Surprisingly the cheapest meal was Muragame and Army navy that the LARGEST gap in utility/satisfaction.

army navy was expensive and marginally better than fastfood. It had a lot of flies and the airconditioner was clearly broken getting to probably 30C and 60% humidity. Can't really blame them defering what could cost 40k to 100k of aircon repairs.  

Thea didnt eat much. she drank more milk at night and probably that made up the calorie deficit. This is the first time in my memory she started being a picky eater. 

Muragame is quite a treat. One of the cheapest meals we had at about 800php and she loved the noodles. Lesson learned we will order more noodles just for her in the future. 

So I slept the earliest with Chat having to deal with the kids since they all clustered around her and didnt want me for their concerns. 

2200 and I ended up eating a lot. She loved the quail eggs. 

I keep telling him to bring a notebook, he would get angry at me for "nagging" and then he would take my notebook and pen and doodle. He would lash out when I camly and kindly tell him to bring a towel, notebook, and take care of himself. Preparing for this being the normal when he gets older - i try to record my tone so that he remember that as his dad I'm trying to be nice lolz. 

Toby's is always popular with the kids. Niko loves the mushroom pasta but hates the Mushrooms. 

Starbucks reserve where we got some pretty hot cortados (probably 50-60C). 

Max was a suprising success and tasty meal. Kare Kare in the picture. Total cost was 1300 and a big tip for the Mess we left. 

TAPA (which is bastardziation of Spanish Tapas, it has come to mean small breakfast steaks). Niko loved.