Food as Fuel - means changing seeking comfort through food programming

food as fuel concept is espoused around, i realized what it actually means is that you have to come to terms in not deriving enjoyment or comfort from food.
You eat X because X needs to be in you. The way you treat medicine that has a terrible taste. You take your unpleasant medicine because you need it.
Of course if Food is a source of comfort then - denying that becomes that deep deep search for something to fill that void OR that we maximize the extraction of comfort in what little pleasures that remain.
Even if you've been thinking as FOOD as a Fuel for a year - there are a TON of programming we have to supress when the first instinct is to seek food for comfort.
Actions - a lot of experimental ones, become the "Conditioned response" when we are looking for comfort.
One side problem is MEALS are not social events anymore. Bonding over a unpleasant meal is not as great as over a pleasant one.
I have the problem when the meal is unpleasant My memory deletes it in a way it feels like i didnt eat.
Still its amazing how the mind and body adapts. veggies, scarce but healthy eating for weeks makes for a much lower baseline lolz.