I dont know: HK Protests and Complexity.

So I've studied as much as probably a couple of 10 minute videos about Contrary Narratives about the HK protests. Of course I follow Chinese Current Events so there is more context.

Still I know that I dont know.

Certain Key Points I realize.

  1. Things Cannot be Taken at First Glance. What appears like a Evil vs Good Narrative is definitely not the Narrative and Narrative is a Bias that wants us to Oversimplify things to fit our limited capacity. To have no Opinion to be Agnostic when Emotions Run high is the most difficult skill. 
  2. In any point you can Always Move back in time To find An Instigator. You see videos of Effects, you can go to an earlier event to say that is the Cause. And you can do that again and again to say one is the cause of another. 
  3. A group of People with Emotional investment is BOTH human and has its own Inertia and Mind. Call it a Mob Mentality (which has negative connotations) or Crowd Sourcing etc... a Group of People will be cohesive because we are programmed to be social creatures. Right and Wrong or Rational is not at play. They are neither saints or sinners they are a force of nature. And as such its very hard to make a Judgement given that when people feel cornered and desperate, they take certain actions. 
  4. Same can be Applied to the Police and the Gov't. When Emotions run high and there is a HUGE emotional investment in a PIECE OF INFORMATION - Groups of People are Forces of Nature that throw away right, wrong, details, technicalities etc... 
  5. Information is Dangerous. Be it Truth, a Point of View of A TRUTH, or a Deception - Information is so malleable and potent as to create a force of nature to move towards a direction or path. 
  6. What is for Certain for me is to Act in my own Self Preservation. If I believe that this will protect me then I cannot help but act in my self preservation. My DILIGENCE is finite and my experience of acting too late will prevent me from taking more time than I can give to create a level response.