Memories of Sewell House, Foreshadowing.

So I lived in jersey for 6 months trying to get a job while I was a green card holder - my parents wanted me to get citizenship.

At that time we were uprooted and my wife then was just my girlfriend.

I remember creating a system for the house and how to maintain it and organizing everything before I left.

I didn't know it would be foreshadowing of what I would be doing in the family biz. Seeing a mess and trying to fix it... Of course with free reign in our house in Sewell, I could set order and 5S (which I later learned it was called 5S). This was in 2003.

Now... I know my mom hates my system, of course, I inherited that Anxious Panicked and Manic gene from her side of the family looking at all my cousins of that side - being able to relate with that Obsessiveness and sudden Changes of Mood and disposition.

Order or Ritualizing activities help manage fears and anxiety. I keep telling my son - his anxieties never really go away - we are the same kid just having conditioned responses and able to numb ourselves better through the pain.

I remember that house so well that visiting an Ashley store here brings back a lot of memories. (even if my wife and mom hate the furniture there and can't stand it).

The feel of a wooden frame house unlike the concrete houses here. I can feel people move through the house which doesn't help my light sleeper condition.