Fuck Tagalog

when my sons Tagalog proficiency is worse than my Chinese proficiency. Reviewing for his exam tomorrow, holy crap he understands only 1 in 5 words. With tuition eating up 20% of my income which has been subsidized from help with my parents - i need to go and recruit someone who can help me make a Tagalog Anki deck for him OR sacrifice my Study time so I can make a Tagalog deck for me, pushing me back 2-3 months.
My primary language is english, I can speak straight tagalog with an accent and I speak English with a tagalized accent to make it more understandable. Especially when speaking english leaning towards mid-Atlantic/transatlantic (growing up in the 90s with incomes comparable to US middle class) has a negative reaction (called a Conjo accent). The only time I get to practice my "Coño" Accent is when speaking to people I grew up with and with people who can understand me better in that accent. Its gotten rusty since I got a lot of practice when I used to game and like any gamer - took accents seriously enough to study them. (It helped I worked in BPO and accents are a positive talking point in that industry).
Tagalog is one of those things where - Its a "Nice to have" language in business - but not as advantageous as Mandarin and English.
Money is not OK and I understand the temptation to Rage Quit real life. If I have to find a way to Deal with values about 40% relative to my current Cost of Living, certifications, family business and my sons Studies - Fuck Tagalog. if I can have two languages then the 2 Lingua Franca's of the 2 largest economic blocks. Especially when those 2 economic blocks have a lot of FRICTION.
You can live very well in the Philippines without knowing Tagalog. I have a friend who grew up with no tagalog and even has anti social tendencies.  In fact the other Language groups in the Philippines would rather talk in english than "Imperialist Tagalog".
Growing up one of my drag down subject is Filipino, but the school made  a distinction for the richer kids not to "require" them filpino as a subject that counted for passing the grade level. Since my parents werent as "Rich" I had to study tagalog. But the tagalog they teach in School is different from EVERYDAY tagalog.