Gov't or Everyone Else better off "Owes" us support

In this time that everyone - rich and poor are affected by the Enhanced Community Quarantine.

Trends in Social Media. 

Online Trolls have a Capacity 

DDS (the name for the President's Propaganda Machine, after his alleged "Davao Death Squad") has been getting overwhelmed by a lot of people working from home and of course finding more idle time to counteract and debunk the Paid Online Trolls. 

This ECQ has taught me that Online Trolls have a Capacity. It also means how much effort it takes to counteract Paid Trolls.

We will never have this many warm bodies again to fight online trolls, I wish there was a way to burn it all down at the root. How do you TORCH it all down or salt the earth so no more paid farms can grow or rise up?

I believe that its a combination of Doxxing, and Transparent coordination with FB, and using the Doxxing to create a robust set of records and evidence for legislation to counteract this. IF ever the LIBEL laws of the Philippines should be used against Online Trolls.

Get a bunch of Law students to make a case study against this. Brute force a legal solution as quickly as possible.

Fill the Vacuum of Trolls with a legitimate way of Discourse. Again consider face-saving strategies that do not immediately demonize the opponent or dissent. Innoculate the Population with this legitimate discourse.

Given the average age and population, I can imagine some kind of GDraw* file that visualizes it all in Diagrams with some Memes on it and Arrows and legend. YOu can hyperlink in Gdraw. I can imagine a memetically savy version of E Goldratt's Evaporating Cloud technique but with more catchy memes.

If I were to clarify a community objective is - tear down the trolls and build a better way to dialogue.
*Gdraw is collaborative, allows hyperlinking, easy copy to iterate better versions, free, and automatically hosts it visually.

How are we supposed to give feedback to people who are Supposed to Help us in these exceptional circumstances?

We can't exactly criticize people who have come to help, at the same time sometimes they have exceeded or fallen below the standard of Help they are expected to give. Online there has been a trend of criticism, rightfully for some errors and mishandling, but also for elements that there has no duty to help. Example would be China helping the Philippines, people are quick to claim China is the source, honestly I don't know and being skeptical of the Western Bias of the media and being a student of Chinese and Asian Afairs I'm not quick to judge. Especially since the language is China Caused this - an organization oversimplified as a singular Cause of something as complicated as the pandemic. What's sad and I believe wrong is that when China helps, its with Trending memetics of that China "Owes" people or other countries.
Plagues in History cannot be attributed to China or the RAT or the disease singularly. Its a system problem and while people can be at fault for certain things under their control, blaming the Chinese Gov't - for all its faults - is certainty jumping to Conclusions. I can't imagine the kind of "logical" test you would need to make something a complicated as a pandemic have a Preventable Singular Cause.
I just need to imagine being the one to receive the AID and thinking about what kind of Feedback can I give to their Face, as compared to behind a Keyboard.