When my son screws up, its the only time he'll listen

So my son hurt his mom today. She escalated to me and my job was to talk to him and let him talk about what happened. Of course I ask him to explain to me the problem. Its just that being 9 he doesn't know what is important, but it seems Youtubers have more influence over my son than me because YouTubers are those who entertain him. He cannot see the subtlety of who we are as his parents against his relationship to Youtubers. 

This happens seasonably. About 2 months ago we barred him from using my Lenovo Z50-70 2014 laptop, because he downloads anything a youtube tells him to do and got angry at us from saying no and explaining what happened. Strangely a couple of weeks ago he had a dream of a Virus infecting all our computers and when He told me that, I told him that is very True. I brought down a lot of the security settings so that I have access to my computer for my experiments with shared folders and networking basics. 

So one of the things I realize is that - the only time I get to negotiate new "TERMS" with my son is when this happens. We didn't know the impact to his Screen addiction until all the other Parents were explaining they all but gave up trying to control their kid's screen time. I didn't realize or accept that my kid has a problem and he needs more structure. But Parenting is a part-time job, it's a part-time job that is the reason for the full-time job. 

TERMS like his Tutor that was 3 hours per day is now down to 1 hour per day because of the need to fund our Treadmill. At 3 hours per school day we were paying almost 350usd/20k php a month. WHICH I catch him going on credit 80% of the time. I pretty much lost that much money this month because of the reduced-hours (forced leave) due to the pandemic. 

So what happened was before he would have 3 hours of school and played after up to 8-10pm. Of course, after our work, the wife and I also want to de-stress. and I have a brilliant mindset of having a stressful hobby.

To balance it I required him 40 easy pushups (not straight form, and rising from the knees) and 40 poor jump squats. Which had a conversion of the following: 
2 easy pushups = 1 poor pushups. Not so straight, but I can't make a 9-year-old do a proper pushup.   
2 poor jump squats = 1 poor burpee. he doest stand, and does a low hop instead a proper jump. 

Now that he has only 1 hour of Tutor/day, the question is how to continue his education. His recent screwup means I have to renegotiate everything. 

  1. 2 hours of Tablet and 2 on Phone Max. 
  2. He has to achieve some Khan Academy Goals. Goals are set in my personal log. Example: 
  3. Finish Grade 4 math a section at a time. 
  4. Finish Grammar, Language, Science. One class a week. 
  5. He has to run 0.5km per day. 
  6. He has to do Craft or Art projects with mom and dad. 
  7. He has to learn to draw from dad. 
  8. He has to learn some Games from dad.