A seat at the table. Opportunity to be Equal

I remember the arguments of women in the military endangers the rest of the unit because of the difference in performance. After all the Scifi I've just digested lately - how does it feel when that SAME argument can be made about MEN in space. (Artemis, Delta V, SevenEves, Martian).

When I think of running TL9 hard scifi settings it is interesting to think my gender is a disadvantage.  

In the next 20 years, the damage to male astronauts over time will make it a simple HR matter to just send women up, but given its a Patriarchy - the logic that makes women a "hazard" in military operations will not be used when man are a "hazard" in space operations. 

Its such a Bullshit argument, its the Same Argument for Self-Determination - Why should the Philippines strike out on its Own if it Can be a State of the US? Why go through the birthing pains of being a NATION? Because you want a seat at the table, you want to be EQUAL. The reason a 3rd World African Country, SEA country, should or Someone undergo a Painful "BIRTH" is to have a Equal Seat at the Table (If that's what they want) . 

I didnt make that choice when I chose to help the family biz. I dont have that "Seat" in the table. You put women in military roles so as to be able to Catch up to men in the role. 

even men who have daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers can't figure that logic out. They dont talk about it in History or in Personal Development. 

Its just interesting that my Daughter has a better chance of being an Astronaut than my son.