Acknowledging Dissonance

How do you respond to a monster (dehumanized), a human, or loved one who will try to limit your freedoms/rights? In that spectrum, there are details that matter - from what freedoms (masks, jobs, speech, justice, opportunities), if it's you, your kind, your people or nation, your economic bracket, or your relationship to the threat: friend, loved one, parent, child, etc... 

It reminds me of slipping a Falsehood in Truth, or Truth in a lot of Falsehood. Overwhelming Attention Tactics. You are not a supercomputer that can do Friend or Foe Analysis, run a Million Queries or Logs of what happened, or have Perfect information at any time. 

In the end of the day, you are a human with all the faults and flaws, that comes with the territory. We tackle such attacks or tasks by breaking off a Piece we can handle while acknowledging the immensity of the problem. Sadness is an emotion that allows us to accept difficulty and process the painful truth or reality. But that emotion is one of many traits evolution has given us process this and we will feel an entire range as we convert and process this problem into something we can use to rise above. The jumble of emotions is both a weakness and a strength. It is similar to a victim that needs to be heard, that it is valid and true and we need to process it with our own understanding of the world - and it will cause dissonance. 

Time and understanding are all we have to process dissonance.