Emotional Spectrum: just because we feel this way doesn't mean we can't work with that emotion

 the emotion of anger helps See strong arguments better, sadness details and loss, fears tell us there is a threat to something, disgust to distance and disassociate with something poisonous or toxic, love helps endure and cherishes an experience/sensation, happiness to share and give, 

each emotion is a mode - a mode where we have bonuses to a course of action - we can do complex math with anger its just hard - its easy to passionately debate in anger.  It's easy to change our behavior with Disgust, its easy to move from a loss from sadness, its easy to identify a threat with fear or see what we value. 

Emotion is not bad - it's just how a part of us sees something. It can have no objective basis, but it doesn't mean the emotion came out of nothing. Working with our motives, weaknesses, and strengths helps us acknowledge the internal stakeholders typically ignored. to discover hidden requirements and constraints, and to factor workaround, goals, and objectives that we need to add to our objectives. 

In project management its Better stakeholder analysis and thus better satisfaction.

Knowing that there are internal stakeholders that are ignored that leads to problems allows us to appreciate why we listen to those who are ignored.*

As for the dangerous outliers who are ignored, they cannot be resolved or given care unless someone would brave that danger and take the time to understand them.