Experience an Emotion that is Managed.

I feel something is unfair.

But I know that feelings are not evidence and offense cannot be used as an objective criteria

But I also know that feelings need to be felt and processed. It doesn't mean a feeling is right, it just means that I need to experience it but not get overwhelmed or carried away by it.

So what happens is I feel something and express it, but I make a disclaimer that I'm experiencing something which is not the same as an action. Feeling angry, sad, happy, sorry, etc.. Is not an action in a way harming, attacking, surrendering, giving up, etc.. Is an action.

The more I can feel it the more I can experience it and the more I can grow from it. Emotion is real, its creates a physiological response that can be measured. To undergo it to accept it and all the different feelings and how they shape our behavior. I think denying it instead of experiencing the emotion creates clutter and backlog. I think we feel problems unresolved and will always seek to fix the problem we cannot find anymore. 

Of course, I'm not some monk who can breathe through an experience of emotion. Unlike a monk I am not  able to experience it in a way that alters my brain and emotional regulation. I don't have the hundreds of hours that allow me to regulate my experience. The monk would even frown if I try to hold up such a standard. Acknowledging and experiencing an emotion is like taking the time to do something right.

I'm just me feeling sad,  frustrated, disappointed, in love, happy, angry like everyone. Not denying the expression but allowing it to reach its end.

The purpose of Breathing Mediation is to have a safe harbor to Experience an Emotion. When it starts to hurt and triggers an uncontrollable cascade of distractions we Breathe and Focus.