Fragile Generation Fallacy, Freedom of Speech Basics, Offense vs Harm Criteria for Intolerance, and Paradox of Intolerance.

the ability to endure abuse or wrong doesn't minimize the abuse.  This is where we avoid Supply and Frequency economic thinking in Identifying what is Abused. That step (qualification and quantification) is for Qualification and Quantification during the assessment of where Scarce resources are applied to mitigate an Abuse. In a world of Scarcity, you cannot do a simple persecute/faulting priority or the allocation of scarce resources.

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A high and arbitrary bar of raising problems easily allows the status Quo to manipulate the standard of what counts as a Problem. It is VERY easy to move goalposts when one is not the victim AND is AN AUTHORITY and can change definitions. 

Offense is not the underlying criterion for managing behavior, but it has become a "shorthand" for what is acceptable behavior. Limiting someones' opportunities or cause harm is what we actually try to measure when we examine behaviors of Intolerance. 

You cannot be Tolerant of Harmful Intolerance, because you cannot Limit harm by allowing Harm its a logical contradiction. Intolerance of Harmful Intolerance = Limiting Harm while Tolerating Harmful Intolerance is Allowing Harm.

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