Sadness as a Survival mode

 Lately, anecdotal frequency of people just being assholes because they can - like in the Traveller Group (calling ideas stupid in a Scifi TRPG group is very arbitrary) and in David Mcafee's group (Not a thread that goes by without someone calling someone in the thread stupid ) - makes me realize that there are people who get off knocking people down to feel better about themselves. 

As a friend pointed out how some IT FB groups act, I am reminded that the ERPnext Philippine Chapter is a "TRAP" to prevent people from learning more about ERPnext and the owner of the group to Sell his software (probably stolen off ERPnext). 

The sadness i guess is how I feel. Like going "Epi" (Short for Epigenetic Expression: how our genes modify what is expressed based on the environment - which is being suggested as to how Emotions work - it converts us to Modes of operation - changing our weaknesses and strengths) in seveneves. the Mood changes you - it makes you pay more attention to details, actually, the rumination that goes on in sadness is a pretty good example of how sadness makes us go through details. 

If I go evaluating plans - being sad and disappointed lets me see the weaknesses of the plans and the errors in greater detail. Being happy, angry, disgusted, afraid may not be as effective as sadness in detail and controlling loss as sadness.