Testosterone and Genetics

One of the things that I learned about mtf (male to female transition) is the strength loss. which emphasized the role of testosterone in muscle development. What fascinated me is the use of testosterone in performance - particularly female athletes who are biologically within the spectrum of what is recognized as male. 

Its one of those things wherein it's messy and I don't have an informed opinion: if someone identifies as female and perform at levels of a man, is a fair comparison to other women with less testosterone for performance? 

But women despite the handicap of their lack of testosterone development continue to break records and reach new heights. 

Some accuse regulating bodies as being "unfair" which is weird if you consider a more journalistic approach - you would have to get the opinions and perspective of women who don't have a Testosterone advantage - they only have their VO2 Max and muscle density afforded to them by their background.  (The piece was about these women that having a hard time because of their gender expression). 

The thing about diversity, Acknowledging differences also takes into account the difference and not simply grouping people into categories that fail to serve a particular purpose. The way we created Weight Classes for most sports, should there be Testosterone classes? 

Genetics is interesting because if you try to imagine as a particular set of traits to control for there are consequences and trade-offs to certain kinds. I think of this considering my own trade-offs - the manic spectrum, the small sinus and sleeping problems of my family history, my bradycardia through - a lot of my traits are from my mom - with my appearance from my dad (thin hair and hairline; eyes and complexion). When I look at my kids and their behavior emerges - particularly the manic spectrum of my mother's side. In the voice of Jonathan Keeble (narrator of Bernard Cornwells Saxon Chronicles) "Wyrd bið ful āræd. Fate is inexorable." or in this Case Genetics is Inexorable.

Lately, my increase in Testosterone has lead to some distracting outcomes that have ultimately made me sadder.