the Privilege of Confrontation

 the realization CONFRONTATION (conflict management approach) is a behavior in a culture with near equal parties in the eyes of society. 

You cannot expect people to use confrontation as a social option. Chiding, Petty remarks, and Indirect comments is the norm. Indirect methods save face and social credit, it allows people to make mistakes and try again. Of course, people are varying degrees SKILLED in indirect statements (I am terrible at it). 

One has to tolerate indirect "Pa simple" techniques and the many attempts that the technique employs. 

Philippine history has a lot of Inequality and the indirect techniques will not go away. And again you cannot expect confrontation unless people naturally feel like they are in equal footing or the person is cornered. 

One has to Acknowledge the behavior, make people feel like they have equal standing with you, and allow for such tactics to be employed and adapt to it. 

Also note, just because people feel like they are "near equal "status with you doesn't mean they see you as peers. Humans being so varied will see kindness as a "weakness" and a lower status. 

Does being Kind trump making people feel you're less than them?