What would be the kinder thing to do?

Last night - I said out loud what I kept saying to myself from the Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence by Jason M. Satterfield  and the Science of Mindfulness: A Research-Based Path to Well-Being by the LATE :( RONALD D. SIEGEL 

"What is the Kinder Thing to do."

Is it Listen? 

Is it speak up? 

Is it understand? 

is it to Focus on the Positive?

Is it to Accept the negative? 

is it to Comfort? 

I realize that when I perform the Due Diligence technique of "What would a Kinder person Say/Do (or a better EQ person say; In due diligence, it is "What would be a smarter or more cautious person do?)  a different set of Actions arise from my Normal Behavioral Algorithm. 

Funny because this is where Role-Playing and Empathy kinda kick in a lot. 


Very accessible, No Magic, No mystery, no Gatekeepers, no special marketing, Very DIY-able. People are used to being corrected and actively search it out will find this very complimentary to their inquiry skills.