Dopamine Detox for My Son and Myself

Dopamine Detox would be too hard if you don't have coping mechanisms. 

By too hard, I mean it will have too much failure and a sense of defeat that people will quit and stop trying. 

To prepare for a Dopamine Fasting/Detox/Diet is to have the following Coping Skills:

  1. A journal habit or writing habit. I get dopamine writing, even if there is no one who reads. 
  2. Internal understanding and self-awareness. You know what makes you quit and what problems you will encounter. Most important is knowing the story of all the good habits you attempted and failed to get because of a missing skill and understanding. 
  3. Self Love, Support of a Loved one, someone who understands what your attention cannot grasp - the you who is going to try to fix itself. 
  4. CBT triangle and the many basic coping techniques:
    1.  Slowing down a thought
    2. Making Actions change Emotions
    3. Shaping thoughts and framing
    4. Inquiry and Analysis of one's own darker voices and negative emotions. 
  5. Meditation BASICS. 
    1. Meditation is not a reflection. you are not there to think, of course, you can't just stop thinking and being forgiving when you do. 
    2. Techniques that make you just focus on some basic dopamine source like a "breath". A breath is something we dont enjoy as we are flooded with other sensations but when we slow things down and break down our mental actions, we can direct our attention to the evaluation of each breath. 
    3. Making No promises, plans, actions to take, - saying no to everything that will take you out of meditation. this requires an understanding of the lie of the mind - that it has to take action NOW, but then why didnt it take action the rest of the day? 
    4. Accepting what "reflection" or "Ideas" that happen in meditation is forgotten and thats OK. your not supposed to be a Genius at the expense of your meditaition. If its a Thought that arises from meditation - its your dopamine craving just thrashing in your mind. 

Started Meditating at September 30ish trying to meditate everyday. 
I think I can now proceed to a Longer Meditation. 
I meditate 10mins before going to bed. I think I can meditate for 15mins and will try. 
BTW i'm incredibly skeptical about this, because like my IT experience - theory actually working is overwhelmed by the Anecodotes where it didnt work even if i followed the steps. I'm not encouraging the placebo effect, but it seems to be in effect - because technically meditation is a Placebo. 

SMART Objective
  • Monitor my Psychosomatic conditions. I have panic attacks at night manifesting as clogged sinuses. I've had psychosomatic reactions - 
    • from getting really sick, 
    • skin allergies, 
    • compulsive itching, 
    • back pain, 
    • protalgia fugax
    • jaw clenching, 
    • insomnia
    • and breathing problems at night. 

Framing habits in Behaviors in Dopamine Craving and Hits and Differences (one dopamine source making another irrelevant and demotivating).