Dopamine Hacking - the Role of Meditation.


The role of Meditation is not "Magic" its not a VIRTUE to meditate. The way exercising is not a Virtue in itself, but caring for your health is a virtue. 

Meditation is self-care - the way Journaling is self-care. 

The Dopamine diet seeks to make certain pleasures not as strong as compared to other pleasures. I am working to make studying, exercise, and mediation to be more pleasurable as I dial up my sensitivity. 

EDIT: In Wikipedia Dopamine is In popular culture and media, dopamine is usually seen as the main chemical of pleasure, but the current opinion in pharmacology is that dopamine instead confers motivational salience;[3][4][5]. Changing from Dopamine Detox to Dopamine HACKING. Where I try to hack the motivations and expectations. 

From the lectures and my own observations, I realize that the Trait or Attribute that makes me have a lot of neuroticism is a very fragile sense of security and threat response. Everyone struggled, our parents are not perfect, and we may have some psychological "bumps, scratches, scars, and mends" in our psyche. 

The fragility leads to extreme responses - agitation, anxiety, aggressiveness, ruminations, etc... all these emotional pain because of a past we are hard-wired to never forget and forgive. The negative emotions and behavior lead to BINGING of pleasures: for myself the NEED to game, the need for porn, and the need gorge on snacks, on meats, and on various other pleasures. 

TO FIX me - I have to address the ROOT cause which is the Fragility. and the Fragility is made strong by letting the mind escape the negative emotions. We avoid the distraction of PLEASURE like day dreaming, pornography, masturbation, etc... not out of "immorality" they're ok -  we can have them later on - but we have to be able to withstand/endure the deafening silence of meditation. 

meditation is not thinking (as much as we can endure and remind ourselves). meditation is allowing our mind not to indulge in a negative emotion NOR the pleasure of daydreams and fantasy. It's trying to balance our Seratonin and Dopamine. 

That's why walking, breathing, and eating can be meditative techniques - low enough conscious effort that we can FILL our attention with these simple acts. What stops me is my adverse reaction to bad sensations. To be kind to myself, I am coming to a fragile state and being given time to heal - a less pleasant sensation would come in time. 

The FUTURE me will enjoy more of the behaviors and actions that improve me and the people I care about. When I become less fragile - I have less negative emotions. I need to pleasures less. I am not held hostage by these pleasures and can pursue simpler and more rewarding actions. I can modify what gives me dopamine and CHANGE these as well as needed. I can hack my less concious behavior, as I hack the forces that attract or repel me.