Loved ones Passed in a Family Get-togther.

 I had a dream where our condo had more space. the way our memory and brain partitions time and space as we move rooms. Somehow a door lead to a "wing" in our condo where we had a classic get together. Like many get-togethers of old it was in yellow lights, big flimsy tables with long covers, and 10-12 people per table. My dead loved ones were alive and all chatting up. I happen to forget they are dead and proceed to enthusiastically make my family great them and explain to my kids who these relatives are, because my Lola would always do that for me and always assumed I forgot.

This investigation into Shady company dealings always was a topic of my mom's chief troubleshooter and investigator my uncle Lilet. Tito Lilet was an archetypical filipino protagonist - hard drinking, hard smoking, stoic, and bullshit detecting paralegal of my mom. He usually investigated all the shady shit that happened and was tasked the unsavory job of dealing with corruption, gov't, and really difficult characters. 

When the Plant LIES to me Tito Lilet would be there to laugh and TEAR THE LIE TO PIECES. 
I realize very quickly that remembering him calls on his ghost, his "Virtualization" of him and all the things he would say that was the fundamental skills that allowed him to perform his higher arcana of deduction and savy. 

He died at around 59 from lung cancer in 2019. 

The Exercise of summoning the ghost of loved ones and having them around through the interpretation and experience of other loved ones is a guaranteed breakdown.  It is the realization of the person not being there AND drawing from all of one's experiences when they were alive as an Exercise of mirror neurons and Empathy. Other people just make it more real and remove any doubt and distraction.