Meditation update 14 day milestone

Started Roughly on Sept 30. I've been able to meditate every day. Celebrating my 2nd week of meditating. 

What is NOT Meditation: 

  1. Reflection of myself, my actions, my thoughts, my words, and my behavior. 
  2. Thinking about my day. 
  3. Planning. 
  4. Daydreaming. 
  5. Sleeping. 

What is Meditation: 

  1. Breathing, Walking, or any Very low concentration Activity.
  2. Remembering What is NOT Meditation and like a good friend whose temper is kind and thoughtful, bring my thoughts back to what is Meditation.  
  3. Enduring the urges and the wants to NOT Meditate the way a good friend would stay with you or keep you company. 

What has it done for me? 
  1. Reduced my Panic Attacks at night, when my sinus just clogs and I begin to breath more axiously. 
  2. I tend to need less sleep, I am not so demoralized to wake up and start my day. 
  3. I'm able to differentiate various mental States: Meditating and Not Meditating - as well as Self Correcting and Enduring the urges.