Mindfulness and CBT = Exercise and Diet = Revenue and Cost

 TIR you cannot practice mindfulness without CBT (at least for me). mindfulness tends to distract and can suppress emotions - which is dangerous.  the function of Mindfulness meditation is to better manage pleasure-seeking and negative emotion rumination - you still need to Process negative emotions and 5S it (sort it and understand it). 

 It's just adding more Technical Debt it one uses meditation without processing why we feel bad. Like "marikondo technique" or 5S - the act of processing optimizing mental functions. 

An observation that CBT and mindfulness dichotomy. reviewing the purpose of Mindfulness according to scientists its to manage the Autonomic Nervous System (involuntary control system) - the way we slow breathe to reduce our heart rate and our heart rate is a function of Oxygen needs - throttling tells the body to reorganize resources and consume buffers/surplus. We meditate to reduce the stimuli that influence the ANS.  

We talk about the solution and the problem, then always go back to Context "High-Level View" or Consolidated View as well as the Microscopic View. We change our perspective or framework viewing the same problem MANY ways and times to learn more of how the problem functions and know how it works.