Will try to use 15 minute Meditation when I can feel the "emptiness" that leads to a binge.

Last night I had a netflix binge. I watched all 3 seasons entire season of KIPO in netflix at x2 speed. I just wanted to see the "Pay off". Like most binges its done to fill a void. 

Problem: Binging and my "Dopamine Settings" (The Unsexy truth about Dopamine). In Wikipedia DopamineIn popular culture and media, dopamine is usually seen as the main chemical of pleasure, but the current opinion in pharmacology is that dopamine instead confers motivational salience;[3][4][5]

So my current Dopamine Settings is primed towards expecting pleasure/pay-off/satisfaction from Horriblesubs. Since its Gone, I have to "recalibrate" my expectations. 

I don't know if meditation substituting the usual reward will help. I don't want to "respond" to an URGE with pleasure or reward. I want to short circuit it with Somatic Quieting ( CALMING YOUR NERVES AND YOUR HEART THROUGH MEDITATION ) - Somatic Quieting was a term used throughout the lecture to relax the Autonomous Nervous Systems (Amygdala, flight or fight or stress response). 

My poor understanding is that we prevent the stress of negative emotion or the pleasure-seeking of daydreaming distraction when we meditate. Even when I meditate beside my daughter I avoid the pleasure of holding her because it sets the wrong focus and the wrong dopamine programming. Pain, Discomfort, and Pleasure all ignored. 

I cannot Google the name of the Exact Effect that happens when a Conditioning has Gone except the Related Articles like How Does Click Bait Work, Classical Conditioning , and Negative Reinforcement.

at the 9:09 mark. The creation of an expectation using a Thumbnail that "Baits" the viewer. I experienced this also in 

This is a well known "Urge" exploit to get people to binge watch. 

this clickbait youtube video (Top 10 Most Shocking Moments In Marvel History)  

but if you reverse search the sexy clickbait its which is about thor, nothing in the video is about thor. Its easy to preview by sliding through the timeline and see it doesn't give a pay off. (I don't know how to BLOCK channels in youtube)