Just Conversation and Connecting is a big deal

One of my favorite lessons from Sociology is that Gossip and Chatter are mostly "Status Signaling" exercises. 

our status in a group and how far up or down are we, and do we risk being outside our Tribe and thus have no access to its resources and relationships for support. 

Given how important Emotional Support is - Fuck that's Important. 

our tribe may have different values - some tribes value materials, shared interests, others shared history, and other genetic traits. 

So when I notice myself create displays of Tribal Signaling (like this) or Others Signaling to their Tribe, I'm aware of my flaws and my needs. Its not a bad thing to want to belong, to be accepted in ones tribe, and to know we will have people giving emotional support. 

Social Status - can be an Immaterial and irrational Value someone places on us or we place on others. Social status is depressingly very important - unless we are not hardwired to give a fuck about that. 

When I hear stories about very strong insecurities - to the point it creates very harmful behavior - man that's a self-perpetuating problem that only Random Acts of kindness and Compassion can probably halt. Undeserved Kindness and Compassion stops self-perpetuating harmful behavior. (Chapell's standup piece in SNL) 

Chatter/Gossip > Status > Status matters > Threats to Status leads to harmful Behavior > Harmful behavior accelerates more threats to Status > un-deserved Compassion/Kindness arrests the death spiral > Random Acts of Compassion and Kindness.