Meditation Update: Pain

  • I'm still counting my breaths, which about 1-4 seconds a breath. It depends on how stressed or excited I am. 
  • I've started considering any distraction as a trigger to restart my breath count, before I would restart when I lost count. 
  • I begin to notice thoughts that occupy me so strongly that I cannot count my breaths. 
    • Typical are urges 
    • another distraction is PLANNING and actions I "just have to take". Like writing down "Google mindfulness research and creates a Term Sheet which gets the Scientific Term and the Meditation term. 
  • Fighting off urges and distractions tire me out and I can't do breath counts. This last mediation had a lot of distractions
    • Purposely Forgetting the "GREAT IDEA" that presents itself while I meditate is difficult and painful. I lose my breath count and I am so distracted just trying to forget as my brain try to remember it so badly. 
  • I wanted to know the terms for the things in my Head and the Feelings that are peculiar now that I spent time and experience with how my brain works. 
    • What is the feeling of that urge that distracts? I want to google how to overcome it. 
    • What do these feelings mean, what is my near term goal? 
  • Meditation research 
  • Balancing my view and reading the Criticisms.