Meditation Update: Reduce Suffering

 The Idea that escaped me that my mind was "overselling" the value to me was the concept of "REDUCE THE SUFFERING" which is an old Buddhist concept. 

  • It avoiding harmful comparisons like someone being "Better" but framed in a way that our techniques - from exercise, productivity (life hacking), and coping techniques all reduce suffering. The main push is to prevent the comparison that a person is better than another. That we are all suffering, we are just lucky and fortunate that we have less suffering than others. 
  • We avoid the SAINTLINESS or Perfection ideal. We keep that flawed human condition framework and see things as measures of less suffering. 
  • It works with our Risk and Loss Aversion (because humans can only take a Finite amount of Loss from their BASELINE happiness before it becomes circling to lethal, and near-infinite amount of Gains before their quality of Life changes. )