Dec 10 2020 Studies and Meditations Update


  1. Converted one of my GCP VMs into an Image. It works BUT It has no admin password. My name is the default user so I cannot share this. 
    1. tried to make it OS Login but failed, couldnt figure it out. 
    2. Cannot make an Admin Account, I can make a user account and it works. I was able to test this server and it works (I log in to its IP). 
    3. I realized the problem happens in the EASY Install has a failed sub-component installation. 
    4. I will try again - this time with a USBed SSD. I tried with a 32GB flash disk and it seemed to have crashed from the WRITES that happened as a Disk. 
  2. Studies 
  3. Meditation. 
    1. Tried standing to meditate because my back has been bad. I'm getting alerts I'm sitting too long. So I'm now standing and doing some squats and light glute activation. 
    2. Can't focus still. Slept late. Will try to sleep earlier.