Dec 31 2020 Studies and Meditation Notes

Meditation Notes.

Imagine Systems: Imagine the most despicable character or person and the Loved ones, Friends, Experiences, and Support needed for that Person to have turned out Differently. There is a Determinism in Systems Thinking and the only argument of Free-Will comes from religious sources and dogma. 

Imagine Duterte or Donald Trump as empathic, good men who turned out differently in an Alternate reality. Its in this exercise where our sensitivity to what is "believable" and an Application of our CBT and Psychology gives rise to what loved ones, experiences, relationships, kindness, and loved would have changed someone who is so certain of themselves and their power into someone entirely different. 

I got to thinking about this During meditation because the Villain in our mind is such a narrative construct that Deming Attempted to Eliminate by Casting the Villain as system. The need for the Protagonist and Antagonist is a narrative bias - and in SCIENCE FICTION a "man vs nature" story can be exciting and engaging. 

While there are Monsters and It doesnt excuse their Actions, "mommy or daddy didnt love me enough" is not a good excuse to say when so many died because of their actions to use DISGUST to make these people "different" from us to differentiate us from monsters does not help us be better. 

I think when you use Disgust and "Us vs Them" and "Differentiation" to deny we are not capable of such terrible decisions and acts eliminate the NEED to BE MINDFUL that we are all capable of that act. Every man is Capable of HORRIBLE actions, the difference is some actually do. The Way FIRE and knives can cause GREAT HARM doesnt mean fire and knives must be entirely eliminated (we have safety systems, social practices, etc... used in this).