Dec 7 2020 Studies, Meditation, HealthUpdate

Studies Update 
Health Update - Changing Trackers. Switching to Xiaomi Band 5 from Fitbit Charge 3 (which I bough 2019 2019) less than one year and 10,000php. 
  1. Prevent Vendor Lock-in since this shares data with my Google Fit Account. 
  2. 10,000php (200usd) step down to 1500php (30usd) is big jump. Reminds me of my First Smart Phone (Note 2 Samsung) 30,000 (600usd) which have specs now of a 3,000php (15usd) phone. 
  3. Pandemic income reduced by 40%. 
  4. Compliments my Smart scale (Xiaomi)

Meditation Update
I started using Instrumental Studies (Spotify Public Track) to Meditate and the Pain of Meditation was offset by the pleasure of the music and the calm it sets 

Still have terribly short Breath Counts.