Meditation Update

  1.  What is the Core Criteria of a Meditation?
    1. Is it Spending the Time? 
    2. Is it Acknowledging the need for Reflection and Mindfulness? Acknowledging my Flaws and my Need to Change - and that action of change IS meditation? 
    3. Is it Observing/Mindfulness, Being present, Breathing? 
  2. Can Meditation Have FLow? 
    1. If it Has flow isnt it Pleasurable? is Flow Pleasure?
    2. Will that lead to Meditation for Pleasure, Like Daydreaming? 
  3. When I write all the Noise and Fears are quite, I am able to have some Flow and some focus. I am able to move my mind into the action of speaking its thoughts. Does that ruin the point of Meditation? 
  4. Should there be pain and anguish in Meditation? If it does doesnt that cause unneccessary suffering?  I was growing to hate meditation because the Denial of certain mental actions was painful. Trying to focus only on breathing just left me spending all my efforts FIGHTING myself to quiet my mind? 
  5. I notice Cognitive Behavior Therapy: the skill of Rationalizing and Analyzing the Thought is part of Mindfulness where we are aware of Thoughts and if they are harmful, and how to manage or converse with ourselves.