Meditation Update

In mindfulness, as compared to meditation, is being aware of your thoughts. Aware I'm doing self-harm, I'm flawed, I'm biased, etc... 

Without it intended change can never happen. 

We are all mindful naman (Filipino expression that is used as a suffix like "already" and "just saying"). Pero/But like a latent Coping Skill - we don't realize its full potential to change us. 

Meditation for me is a broad term now - to include Reflection (looking at the past), Planning (actions to be taken), and Mindfulness (Observing how we react and respond when the past and future are processed in our minds).     

Sadly there is no one size fits all to Meditation - if you are as flawed as I am your meditation is a jumbled mess of contradictory definitions that constantly evolve as you try and try. Its hard to justify a consistent enough definition to tell other people if your meditating or just spending time being stressed. You just feel like a hypocrite telling people that you meditate. 

To be mindful is not just to look at ourselves when we are at Peace - but under the stress of regrets (the past and reflections) and fears (future and plans) and how we order that "illusion" of time.

Forgiving is a Controntational Strategy 

So much to Forgive. 

Forgiving is a lot of what I do in meditation. If I don't forgive then I can't move towards Good instead of being caught up with Perfection and SUffering. Perfect is the enemy of Good, and in the self caused suffering - Perfection is the root cause. 

I realize in this world - the amount of forgiveness that is needed would ease suffering and move us towards more good. 

Of course there are creatures who are forces of nature - like sociopaths or famine or drought - or accidents that can kill us and exploit us.  The way we can't forgive - its outside of our capacity as humans - a storm, a wolf feeding on prey, we cannot forgive a sociopath who seeks to exploit and harm us. You cannot forgive an Alien out to eat us, or the Syndicate that seek to harvest our organs, or the predators that seek to consume us.