Notes on Purity, Disgust, Tribalism, and Hacking my Mind.

Purity satisfies the disgust emotion. 

I'm sure purity had a use during earlier eras when germ theory was not discovered yet. But I don't think it's a very helpful model in describing people. 

A pure person - is a not so helpful ideal. It reminds me of kids running with scissors, playing with fire, and having unfettered internet access. 

Purity and Perfection are dangerous ideas that lead to a lot of oversimplification and harm. 

now that microplastics can be found in babies and we all carry microplastics in us, our bones and steel have the taint of nuclear experiments, etc... yet we all still live and function the idea of purity tends to be violated.  

So when I see "symbolism" of purity - that's not helpful. What if some idea "taints" you? the concept of Purity has Purging and other destructive acts to "CLEAN" instead of healing and forgiving. The imagery and symbolism of Sinners and Humans as Flawed fall under this "Unpure" symbolism and concept used to make unhelpful criteria and measure. 

It's better to just keep purity as a measure of material qualities. especially when there are tolerances to be observed (water purity, alcohol content, etc...). For people the memetic of purity is dangerous and harmful. 

A proper application of the emotion of Disgust is finding disgust in the poor use of these dangerous concepts and differentiating ourselves from their improper use.

What is bad and evil when the concept of people do not fall under saints, perfection, or purity? 

if people default to sinners and humans are inherently being flawed is Ok - how do acts of terror and violence make sense with the capacity of humans to do good? Liking something that is imperfect - that is not 100% reliable - that can be terrible and good? 

Disgust is an interesting emotion when you see it in "Us vs Them" mindsets. Disgust and the Need to Differentiate ourselves from another Party.

It's one of those things in CBT and mindfulness where you break down an idea and emotion. You catch yourself feeling the emotion and analyze it - "where is this coming from?" 

Differentiation, Anger, Disgust, Happiness, etc... are not bad - the way fire is not bad - it can be dangerous (dangerous being that there is a Time and Place it is harmful) and can be useful (time and place it can be useful). 

Time and Place Disgust is bad is in Tribalism - to create artificial threats to push a narrative to advance one's agenda. there is disgust on Social Problem Awareness - "Not in my Tribe, in my Space"

When disgust was described as a Core emotion I was googling how it was theorized it was used - it made sense that you want a particular emotion for humans to like fear and anger but specialized in avoiding disease, weak tribes, vectors, etc... That the Catharsis of Disgust was to feel pure, whole, special, clean, etc... The way anger's catharsis was righteousness and passion, and fear had Thrill and Survival catharsis. 

Anyway discovered Rationally memorizing and learning the Catharsis of emotion helped me discover Why I feel a certain way and redirect and reframe it. (note reframing affects even if we are conscious of the framing effect being applied) .

One of those weird things where I discovered I can make myself sad, happy, angry, etc... by choosing a set of thoughts, and regardless of how much I wish to not feel something I will feel the emotion these thoughts I know will cause.