Science is Spiritual for me


Science is not just subject in school, or where engineering gets its knowledge to apply.
There are those of us who find spirituality (being part of a greater super organism) in science. After all those lectures and studies on meditation and emotional intelligence - I cannot help but redefine Science for me since the same core skills and processes are applied to new frontiers of knowledge.
After Robert Siegel's lecture on mindfulness and meditation, there is a scientific process to the history of Buddhism - a process of logical elimination and problem-solving - and how some elements of its Philosophy echo Engineering principles in TQM and Processes and Systems.
It's not new - Toyota Production System and Lean and Edward Deming's Quality Management System echo many concepts in this philosophy.
The pursuit of understanding has a spiritual aspect. In the most child-like form of curiosity, we find the seeds that will lead to being able to connect to people and issues.

Its so strange when I think of Latent Coping mechanisms - it reminds me of my PMBOK studies - the hardest thing to nail down is when is it PMBOK? Is the checklist being PMBOK? Is Diligence PMBOK? and I realize the Body of Knowledge is the Direction but we get there by taking with us what we can carry - what skills we can use is what gets us there. This problem - the challenge of identifying the smallest good or unit we can do that moves the needle to the direction we want to go.