The need to identify the Enemy: Catharsis of Disgust and Anger.

 Red Tagging is currently being used in the Philippines to kill social workers, civil rights advocates and reporters/journalists. 

Its just weird seeing it used in the Context of gaming POV. 

Do I have a name to call or generalize people that oppose my POV? 

I don't really see them as opponents or combatants. I just see people will different opinions as my own. 

To be honest, Anti-Makers represent a danger to me and my family and loved ones. But its not that simple. They may not have loved ones who died because of Covid and indirectly Covid. They may not have empathy for other people and the risks they have to endure. They also fall under a particular sub-group of people and supergroup of people which I cannot generalize too much about. 

If I told you anecdotally Caucasian Expats were always breaking Mask Protocol here in the Philippines it leads to a very dangerous and biased stereotype of white people when I know a lot of scientifically literate and socially responsible white people. It is a "Fair" Stereotype and Generalization to put forth my Anecodote - But I know it is not fair and a responsible way to present data. 

The only time I ever got stolen from and almost mugged was from a particular stereotype while I lived in NJ. Then again it's not a fair representation of data. 

I just hope we all can get along by challenging our assumptions and looking for those that Ruin our stereotypes and biases.  To be able to see the Human behind the ideas and social movements. Remembering that many of us follow the herd, inertia, and social norms that may not be the best for society but cannot change without the opportunity and the reinforcement to reconsider our assumptions. 

A few days ago a policeman killed a mother and son out of rage in broad daylight. Which sparked a lot of interesting chain reactions about police violence in a 3rd world country. Police Tactics of Red-Tagging and Witch Hunting used to immediately discredit any critics is more in the mind of fellow Filipinos. 

I know we need a name for the "Enemy" (like Karens) or else we have no direction to vent our frustration. If we cannot differentiate the Enemy from us we do not achieve the Catharsis of Anger, Righteousness, and Disgust - that pushes away the discomfort of Cognitive Dissonance of seeing our self in the enemy. 

We need to identify the enemy so badly and the cognitive dissonance of my own hypocrisies need to be silenced so badly. I feel that every day - when I see how similar I am to people who espouse ideas that contradict my beliefs. The coping mechanism to see them as the enemy is what we were taught and what we are trained to do. 

I hope there will be people who will comfort me as I struggle with my weakness and teach me a better way then to find catharsis in my righteousness, disgust, and anger. Change it to the catharsis of gratitude, connection, and understanding. 

Coming from an opus dei background where Righteous Crusading was what I grew up admiring. 

EDIT Systems and Behaviors 

Deming taught us to look at the Systems. CBT and mindfulness also teach us to be mindful of these learned behaviors and to differentiate ourselves from our behaviors - so that we can change our behaviors and systems. 

This is a better Coping mechanism: Discuss the Systems and Behaviors that creates this vicious cycle.