Chaos is Exhausting - Every Action a System.

A good or bad habit is not just an action but an entire system. It feels like I can extend it to my every action, thought, and motion. 

A system is a process or activity that has a relationship with other processes and activities that create Cycles. The outcomes/outputs of some Systems affect the Inputs of other Systems. 

You can break down the Inputs > Processes > Outputs of any aspect - our intelligence, strength, health, relationships, skills, emotions, moods, etc... and see what are its Inputs, Processes, and Outcomes and how the outcomes affect other Systems that contribute to the Inputs.

A one-off ACTION - a completely random action - existing in a Pure Vacuum or truly caused with NO input or Process is rare and consumes attention and time.  

Sounds like Determinism. It probably is Determinism. 

Still, the element of Choice is "What systems" do we cultivate. With our reserves what Changes do we make that would create a NEW system that can sustain us to our goals and objectives? 

Being Present or being Mindful is being aware of these systems and trying to navigate them and applying Attention in the slow but purposeful change.