Dreams Politcs and lost in a Flooded City

Wed Jan 20, 2021

 I dreamed I was in public office because of a luck (long odds and just a half-hearted attempt). I'm a PM and treat my Job as a Project.

If its a Big Problem, break it down to smaller problems and create a map and goal. Try to Coordinate with stakeholders, but in the end it will ultimately be about my Accountability about my decisions. I will need to take risks if a Stakeholder cannot provide the INPUTS (requirements, qualities, criteria, authorization) and my WORK will be my witness.

SADLY propaganda machines will always attack such monitoring and systems. People will discuss your data and interpret it in a way that serves their interests.

Transparency is an ACTION and a SIGNAL. it an efficient action serving both to monitor and check, as well as creat a baseline of credibility and trust.

Thu Jan 21, 2021

I was trying to drive my daughter and son to school while Juggling Work. Got lost in a flooded, ankle-high, city and many weaving one-way streets.

A lot of Old Buildings, a lot of confusing places, no straight lines or clear paths. 

I was struggling to avoid temptations and it was very painful trying to avoid it. By painful it was exhausting me to fight the temptation.