Emotion = Process/System: Causes are Inputs, Actions/Inclinations are Outputs

remembering my pettiness makes it hard to be righteous. If I'm righteous its harder to be understanding - its harder to influence each other and understand each other with anger and righteousness. 

Someone dangerous and misunderstood will not influence you to do wrong when you are understanding them. Righteousness is Disgust and Anger. the actions the emerge from Disgust and Anger become the natural inclination. 

To shift the Disgust and Anger to Sadness and Acceptance is a lot of Information and Experience. Sadness is accepting difficulty problems flaws exist. Anger and Disgust makes the problem easier to believe it can be solved by Action/Violence. 

It is the reciprocated Disgust that prevents people from understanding people lashing out. 

One of the Mindfulness lessons is if I can Identify the Emotion I can problem solve it because I understand the actions (Outputs) I will be inclined to perform and the Causes of an Emotion (Inputs).  

Identifying an Emotion I feel and in Others is such an effective tool that I now use it so frequently and it would have saved me so much grief in life. Its the grief and difficulty I experienced which makes me really grateful for the tool. So I would never have learned it earlier in life.

Jay Dugger introduced me to Debugging by Dave Agans and of course all the experience of Troubleshooting in IT made me very very appreciative of Problem Solving methodology and Application of Science and Logic.

Applied to emotions - there is a lot carried over - so as to be functional.  

In a TRPG (and in real life) I can roll Empathy to Determine the Input (cause) of an Emotion (if I identified it), Roll to Identify the Emotion, roll to Identify the Action the person is likely to take. I can apply this tool inwardly and to others. 

I can eliminate INEFFECTIVE strategies immediately with a roll and it may be the first thing that would probably come to mind: what will make this problem worse. As My Emotional Literacy improves - Actions and Communications take on a new Trait/Characteristic - what does it Signal and mean. 

Confrontation Strategy (Directly Observing and Interacting with the Issue) is much easier when we have the skills (Like Socratic Inquiry) to discover the problem. 

I can step by step discover or more likely actions, causes, and specific emotions.